Saturday, June 14, 2008

When you see it coming but can't get out of the way

America is about to feel in a very real way the effects of years of governmental mismanagement. I fear the next depression is upon us as the shock of war debt, government corruption, bad economic policies that result in inflation and falling dollar, bad corporate stewardship, the lack of any real energy policy and R&D, climate change, and rising foreign economies converge. My tea leaves say that we are one big disaster away from going over the edge.

What I can't figure out is what to do about it.

Sure, if I were young and healthy, I'd probably find some out of the way place and stock up to try to ride it out. But I'm old and chained to the pharmaceutical industry for the rest of my life. Any collapse of manufacturing, the supply chain, and my ability to pay is going to result in a very short, painful life for me.

And it doesn't matter that I've been a good citizen, a hard worker, financially conservative, and made all the "smart" choices. I'm going over the edge with the idiots that dug us into the mess. The only difference is that they will have shinier cars when it all goes to hell in a handbag.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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