Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change must come from within

Congrats to President-elect Obama and thanks to the many volunteers and voters than made this possible. As Obama said, remember that this is the beginning of a long road. And while many of us - myself included - are sorely tempted to treat those of us who voted for John McCain and the GOP as enemies and to throw this in their face, let us simply be the change that we have hoped for and find ways to convince our fellow Americans to be part of the solution. Lets treat them as we would have liked to have been treated.

So I’m putting it out there - I’m not going to gloat, make snide remarks, and support those that ignore concerns that I disagree with. I will seek to find common ground and pragmatic solutions for the benefit of all Americans.

I hope you will join me. I suspect that for me, it will be harder than quitting smoking is for most people. But change must come from within and I cannot expect it without some personal sacrifice. I want a better world for my children than I have created. I hope you want it too.