Saturday, May 31, 2008

Suffer not the IDiots

People who do not believe in evolution and are advancing this fiction of "Intelligent Design" - or as I prefer to call them, IDiots, are only interested in proving that science proves that their god is right. This is all about teaching their twisted view of religion in public schools.

This isn't about God, or Truth, or Science. The faithful will believe in their god and their religion no matter what science says. The scientists know that science doesn't explain the why, only the how, and understand that ID is based on a twisted and ignorant view of scientific principles.The tactic of the IDiots is to convince people that science is scared and threatened by this alternate theory. The IDiots are playing the persecution card to try to elevate their crackpot ideas to be on par with scientific principles.

And when you point out that every one of their principles are wrong, they whine about how you just don't get it.They have ways to pour this nonsense into unsuspecting brains by homeschooling, religious schools, and madrassas. This isn't about getting their view out, this is about peeing on your leg. They are out to establish dominance. Just as all of their views are.

They don't like stem cell research and would rather you die for their believes than label the fruits of the research and allow them to choose to die and suffer for their beliefs. They don't like abortion - so rather than not have one, they want to force you not to have one. And so on and so forth.

Jesus didn't say "go forth and legislate." He said to lead by example. This isn't the example He lived.

This is nothing more than a political cult that has lied and manipulated people into sending them money and doing stupid things to demonstrate their power over you and your children.

And we have seen what happens when these people get into power in the Bush administration. The censor scientific research, cancel funding for research, and outright lie (see effectiveness of abstinence teaching) to advance their IDology (or would that be IDolatry?). This is how the Dark Ages got started. And all it takes for another Facist state is for good people to not speak up.

I'm not suggesting that anyone take any action beyond voting or political action to keep the IDiots off school boards so that are children doing have this stupidity inflicted upon them as valid science. And to speak out publicly to defend their right to believe any stupid idea they want in their home and church as is their right, but not to force it upon science and our kids.

Eventually this stupidity will end. The problem with evolution is that it doesn't work fast enough.

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