Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is Sarah Palin A Woman Of Destiny? Or Token Female prop?

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This woman has done nothing of note other than be the cleanest pig in the pig sty. She is embroiled in a corruption scandal that suddenly is being stonewalled, lies about her well-documented history on being pro-earmarks, doesn’t believe in science, things God is in charge of sending US soldiers off to die for the lies of our leaders, and thinks we can drill our way out of our oil addition. Sure, she looks great up there running amidst corrupt war criminals who have abused thier power , the architects of our current republican economy, and an old guy who has sold out ever ideal that he ran on in 2000. Standing next to this crowd, Nixon would look good.

Has Palin any real credentials of note, I’d cheer her on. But having an XY chromazone isn’t enough. We’ve seen what unproven, unskilled, idealogical zealots like Micheal “Brownie” Brown, Alberto Gonzolas, Harriet Meyers, and Monica Goodling have wrought on America.

Electing an unqualified woman would only be a short term success for women - until McCain keels over and her inexperience puts all Americans in even more danger. We’ve seen the gross incompetence of the Bush administration, and Bush was more qualified than Palin. This isn’t a job for amateurs, not matter how much lies and spin are shoveled to a crowd of mindless delegates to put lipstick on this particular political pig.

(Note: Pig is just a metaphor - it is not intended as a personal slander)

If she had any sense, she would have realized just how unqualified she is and not accepted the job offer.

Finally, if you are going to tell the rest of us how to live our lives, your personal choices and failures are a legitimate part of the discourse. While I do not think that the media should ask her daughter or future son in law a single question or post pictures of them, the line of inquiry is a legitimate one. When a candidate opens this values door, their judgment and believes are the issue. Personally, I could care less. But you don’t get to claim to be morally superior and then claim that your moral failures aren’t part of the debate.

And quit whining about sexism. Obama has to deal with racism. McCain has to deal with ageism. Deal with it. Don’t whine about it like Hillary did. Obama didn’t win the nomination without a lot of help from Hillary’s campaign whining about the media. And I don’t think that Palin is whining - its McCain’s campaign staff. But if she doesn’t speak up, she implicitly approves of the message and proves that she is nothing more than a token fundementalist and a token woman, not a woman candidate and certainly not presidential material.

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madeinchina said...

Ah, but there's a very good reason that it was offered to her and that she accepted: She's a hardcore religious right ideologue. I think she's smarter than she's given credit for by most of the left, she is a savvy politician (she flip flops with the change in public opinion with the best of them), and most importantly: she's anti-choice, anti-gay, and pro-creationism. Those are the real reasons she was chosen.

The woman part was to counter the historicity of Obama, because the very tiny subset of the population that might have voted for him just because of the historical significance can now with good conscience vote for McCain because it will be 'equally' significant in the mind of Karl Rove.

This country will be a far far better place when Rove dies.